“The work of Alex Tedrow is intellectual music for all demographics. The catchy melodies, striking harmonies, and overall quirkiness is likeable and makes the audience feel while the underlying complexity and ingenuity is still astounding.” - Wes Taylor
     "Alex Tedrow deftly scores the various timbres of the wind band in ways that make each voice shine. Terrain Unknown is a dynamic voyage for both the player and listener.” - Eric Smedley


     A native of Indiana, Alex Tedrow is a composer, musician, and educator who strives to inspire and connect performers and listeners of all ages to fresh, fun, and innovative music and technology. As a composer of music for concerts, electronics, and soundtracks, his original commissioned works are performed across the country by professional musicians and ensembles in colleges, high schools, and middle schools.

     Offering a “vivacious and colorful” stylistic voice described as a “topography of beautifully integrated and deliberate sounds” (Eric Smedley), he regularly writes music for a wide variety of media. His diverse catalogue includes band, orchestra, choral, chamber, solo, electroacoustic, and sound installation pieces.

     In 2019, Alex studied at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique in Paris during ManiFeste where he premiered Planet Playground – an interactive, real time data-driven project incorporating crowd participation via mobile devices. He is currently working on the soundtrack for a new video game in development by Red Ink Games, The Shadows that Linger.

     An active member of the new music community, Alex has been a featured composer at the SCI Student National Conference, the Midwest Composers Symposium, the National Student Electronic Music Event (NSEME), and the Navy Band Saxophone Symposium. In 2020, he was awarded the IU Morris and Sheila Hass Award in Computer Music for his saxophone and electronics piece, Biff, which was named after and inspired by his beloved pet fish. He has also been selected as a semi-finalist for the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award and recently received the Austin B. Caswell Musicology Award for his research in medieval-era music notation.

     Alex is currently pursuing a B.M. degree in music composition with minors in music education, electronic music, and conducting at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. His primary teachers include Benjamin Taylor, Don Freund, Claude Baker, Aaron Travers, David Dzubay, John Gibson, and Jeffrey Hass.

     Alex is also a classical saxophonist, jazz bassist, and rock keyboard/synthesizer player and can regularly be found performing gigs with his bands throughout Southern Indiana. He is an avid animal lover, biker, and amateur spelunker – all themes that often inspire his work.

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