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SATB Saxophone Quartet
4 minutes

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I was, perhaps unfortunately, a “goody two-shoes” in elementary school. And like any other proper goody two-shoes, my absolute worst fear was getting expelled. I was constantly mortified that I would somehow make a tiny mistake and automatically get sent to the bottomless dungeon – the principal’s office. Expulsion was the ultimate punishment, especially for someone who was in love with everything school-related.


Expulsion aims to represent the scenario I feared so gravely in the form of a saxophone quartet. One member of the quartet continually acts out of line, yelling, swearing, and stomping their feet. The other members of the quartet reprimand the troublemaker, yelling back and stomping in unison. Eventually after trying their hardest, they are left with no other option… EXPULSION.


I would like to extend gratitude to my good friend, Grant Asklar, for inspiring the title and concept behind this work. 

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