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NOTE: In preparation for my new position with the U.S. Army Band, I will be in basic training until mid-June 2023. All sales through this website will be suspended until that point. My band music will still be available for purchase via Murphy Music Press, JW Pepper, and other external distributors. If you have a question or request, I will try to respond as soon as possible. 

With love and music,


hitchBOT, jr (grade 0.5/1), COMING SOON


Flickers (grade 2), COMING SOON


hitchBOT (grade 2), with electronics

A Lion Legacy (grade 3)

Swan Named Star (grade 3), woodwind choir

Knightridge (grade 4), brass choir

Everything is Alive (grade 5)

Terrain Unknown (Grade 6), with electronics


A Few Figs from Thistles (voice, piano)

Private Moon (voice, piano)

Requiem (chamber orchestra and choir)


Clump! (solo)

Grassy Creek (solo)

Mosaic for Mom (solo)

Five Vignettes from Woodlawn (solo)


Everything is Alive (full orchestra)

Requiem (chamber orchestra and choir)

The Lake at Evening (full orchestra)


Biff (bari sax + electronics)

Capjack (SATB sax quartet)

Expulsion (SATB sax quartet)

Jeat (alto sax duo + electronics)

The "Neigh" Card (SATB sax quartet)

Vasilisa (alto sax, harp)


Clockwork Eclipse (fixed media)

Planet Playground (interactive)

Sporadic Thoughts of an Aging Toy (fixed media)



Happy "Friday" (cl, sax, bass)

Huron High (cello, percussion)

Still (flugelhorn, piano)


The Art of Spelunking (harp + electronics)


Distortion (short film - contact for details)


Over There: Hoosier Heroes of the Great War (documentary)


The Addict's Wake (documentary)


The Shadows That Linger (game)

Written on a Rest Stop Bathroom Stall Halfway Between Indianapolis and Wherever the Hell I’m At (short film - contact for details)

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