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The "Neigh" Card

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SATB Saxophone Quartet
4 minutes

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The “Neigh” Card is inspired by the fun and chaotic card game, Unstable Unicorns. In this action-packed, fast-paced game, players take turns putting down cards from their hands that serve various functions throughout, but the most notable cards of all are “neigh” cards (appropriately named). Anytime a “neigh” card is played, a player must stop what they are doing immediately and forfeit a turn. However, a “neigh” card can also be “neigh-ed”, leading to endless loops of “neighs”. This is one of the most comical aspects of the game in my opinion. There is also a “super neigh” card, which functions just like a normal “neigh”, except it can’t be “neighed”. There is only one of these cards in the game, and players will usually hold onto these until the very end to make a winning play.


This piece attempts to represent the hilariously ruthless nature of Unstable Unicorns in the form of a saxophone quartet. Each member of the quartet has their own way of playing the game and scoring points. Every now and then a “neigh” card might be played, and then perhaps a “neigh” card on top of that. Who holds the “Super Neigh”? Who will win the game? That’s for the listener to find out… 

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